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Sorry, But I Won't Be Making It To Your Home Party

At-Home-Party Jewelry, skincare, juice, purses, jewelry, chocolate, clothing, MORE juice, MORE jewelry!

The home parties. Do they ever stop?

I get invited to at least one home party per month. Most of the time I politely decline the invite, because I'm not in to paying way too much for something not that great. And yes, I know that the host gets a "credit" for all of the sales netted from the party.

I'm on to your ways of wanting to get me to show up. Your enticing "door prizes" bribe that is really not worth me hiring a babysitter for. Your promise of a discount, that really doesn't save me any money in the long run. Your jewelry that is made my "Hindu Artisans" that arrives in the mail looking like it got run over by a Mac truck on a dirt road in Timbuktu.

I'm not in to your stinkin' juice that costs $50.00/bottle and hasn't been approved by the FDA to do squat. Or your old lady clothes that promise to make me look 10 lbs thinner. Lets get real here, I'm pregnant so your clothing won't help me. And besides, my OB/GYN says I shouldn't drink your juice.

So why is it that all of these lovely ladies think that home parties through MLM marketing is the coolest thing ever? I'm not in to pyramid schemes, and I'm not in to your knock-off purses when I already own the real thing. I'm not enticed with statements like, "If you spend X amount of dollars on merchandise, you'll get X amount in free product!"

I have a juicer, Target sells the exact same jewelry you are selling for a fraction of the cost, I have clothing I like thanks, I'm not a fan of chocolate (gasp!), and your skincare products make me break out.  I already mentioned I have "the real deal" when it comes to purses, so really- I'm set. But thanks for the invite, I really appreciate you trying to get me to fall in to your trap. And no, I don't feel like selling your stuff.

An Original Orange County Moms Blog post.

Jennifer is a mother of two little boys, with baby number three arriving in August. And for the record- the only home parties Jennifer shows up to are for Pampered Chef (and she has a rep, so don't even think about asking her to buy from you!). You can also follow Jennifer at her personal blog, or tweet with her on Twitter.


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