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Seeking Adventure? This Momma Surfs & Skis

Marla 12,000 ft w-coffeeJust because we're moms doesn't mean we can't crave adventure right? Adventure can be defined in many ways. For me, I need high energy, outdoor athletic kind of adventure. I love activities that take me out of my comfort zone. Things that relieve my cluttered head and clear out all the junk. 

The day to day stuff gets to me.  Laundry, dishes, more laundry, spills, messes, tantrums.  I am not so fond of those.  Really who is?  If you say that stuff doesn't bother you then my hats off to your endurance! This gal needs to burn off the humdrum with heart thumping thrills that also burn gobs of calories.  I am an endorphin junkie.  Before I make myself sound way more gutsy than I am I'll share a bit of my background with you.

I am a native New Yorker, Long Island to be precise.  Moved to the OC about a decade ago.  My folks were the typical non-adventure seeking suburban parents.  I grew up with loads of fear and not much athletic ambition.  Sports weren't acknowledged and adventure sports were pretty much ignored.  I didn't hop on a pair of skis until I turned 20.  I skied in Syracuse NY, at night, on sheets of ice.  Not a great way to start and I didn't keep up with the sport.  Found it again at 31.  Thank goodness!!

In the winter I need the snow, I crave it....bad. Given the chance I pack up the family and head out to Colorado. My daughter is six years old, we started her on skis at three. She took to the sport immediately. It puts a big smile on my face to watch her rip it down the mountain. She is getting good really fast. By seven she will be smokin' me and leaving me in the dust. Double black diamonds, look out this kid is on a mission. No fear.  My son will be getting on some boards next winter.

There was one problem when we ended back in the OC after a fab ski trip. I would crash, really bad.  All my emotions would just crumble.  I missed my mountains and new routine so bad.  Going to the gym just didn't match up to skiing 12,000 foot peaks.  Let's see elliptical trainer vs. bluebird skies, powder snow & much higher calorie burn.  It's obvious which is a more appealing way to get in some exercise.  Did I mention how many more calories I can eat when I ski???  Love that!

Thankfully last summer I was introduced to the wonderful sport of Surfing.  I always had a huge fear & dislike of the ocean.  I was scared of the water, freaked by the fish and not an A-lister swimmer.  With the helpful encouragement of some girlfriends I got myself to brave the ocean.  Bought the gear (always up for a shopping trip!) and dove in.  The fears drifted away and now I crave the surf...real bad.  The OC has become a much more exciting place for me now that I can catch a buzz locally.  The water is too chilly for me right now, but lookout in about a month or so you'll see me out there catching some waves & clearing my cluttered mommy mind. 

Marla is a high energy mom of two small kids. She keeps up with herself and her kids by consuming way too much coffee. When she isn't on the slopes or catching waves she is busy in the kitchen cooking recipes for her healthy lifestyle/recipe blog Family Fresh Cooking.



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