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A SV Moms Group Book Club: Just Let Me Lie Down by Kristin van Ogtrop, editor of REAL SIMPLE

Justletmeliedown While many of us moms don't want to engage in the debate about whether to be a working mom or a stay-at-home mom...or somewhere in between, it is a topic we often talk about. Do you miss out on things in your children's lives if you decide to be a working mom? Are working moms more crazy and stressed? Oh, it depends on your perspective, of course. Join us today as we discuss the book Just Let Me Lie Down: Necessary Terms for the Half-Insane Working Mom by Kristin van Ogtrop, editor of REAL SIMPLE magazine.

In addition to the posts below, SV Moms Group bloggers have had the pleasure of spending a bit of time with Kristin van Ogtrop during her book tour. Some of us caught up with her in Chicago, when we were there for our Chicago Moms Blog brand/blogger event and when Kristin was there for REAL SIMPLE's 10th anniversary party. Then a few of the Silicon Valley Moms Blog bloggers were invited to join Kristin van Ogtrop for lunch in Palo Alto, California last week. A leisurely lunch in the California sunshine was certainly not any of our usual Justletmeliedownlunchhappenings and we thoroughly enjoyed it...although we then all had to rush off to the next appointment, to school pickup, to conference calls, to blog about socks with large holes in them strewn all over our houses. To top it off, Kristin joined the entire network of SV Moms Group bloggers on a conference call to talk about her book, whether 21st century mothers live in a state of ambivalence and/or guilt, how to be happy with your choice, the fact that many of us are lucky to HAVE choices...oh, the conversation could have gone on and on. But, of course, it was time to hang up and get back to the chaos.

Here are what the SV Moms Group contributors have to say today, all inspired by the book Just Let Me Lie Down:

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