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Wanted: Experienced Mamí

Iphone 033 The other day I was writing some memories down in Sarai's baby book, and I remembered about the time when I went for Sarai's first doctors appointment.  I remember the Doctor speaking to me about the general care of a newborn.  Jonah was with us (18 months at the time), walking back and forth inside the tiny exam room creating a ruckus. I'm sure it was obvious to her, that I was having a hard time holding my newborn, tending to my toddler, and listening to her teachings, all at once. 

As she was explaining how to give my newborn a bath, she paused and turned to Jonah, then to me and said,"Well, anyways... you're an experienced mother, I don't have to explain a whole lot of things"

Oh really???

As I sit back and think about this, I don't know why that phrase stood in my mind?  An "experienced mother"?

Yo?  Ummm, ok?!?  Does this mean I'm qualified for the job?  Does this mean I could ask for a raise from someone? You know...having "experience" and all.  

It's silly to think like this, but I wonder what makes us qualified mothers? Do you have to have more than 1 kid?  Do you have to be a mamí for at least a year? Should the "Experienced Mother" have at least a couple of ear infections, colds, bouts with projectile vomiting or several childhood diseases under her belt, before applying for the job?Dios mio... I tell ya!

Are you an Experienced Mother?

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Liz is a Latina, stay at home Mamí to three kids.  You can also find Liz at her personal blog and twitter


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