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I'm a Serial School Changer.

SV_changing schools

Now I’m not talking about switching my kids to a new school because of a new job or house, I’m talking scooping them from stability simply because of the curriculum, philosophy, teachers, lunch menu, paint colors or whatever the reason this time. I jest on that last part, but you get the idea. 

My kids are four and six, yes, I’ve had the same hairstyle longer than my tikes have had their school mascots. Between them, I've had at least five school changes/ordeals/transitions/freakouts. The private schools, public schools, charter schools ...

So is it just me? I don’t know, as so many OC moms around me seem to have a backup school in their back pocket. Sure, we give the Stepford wave and smile at dropoff, but we’re calculating a better plan before the door shuts.

Is it the living in OC, perhaps? The affluent 'hood, the dog-eat-dog parents, big success dreams (dreams we wish we’d achieved?), or is it that we’re more informed advocates who believe in seeking better, brighter futures for our little Einsteins or Mozarts/Picassos, and we don’t want to settle for less?

I wish this was a piece with answers and informed findings, but truth is, I don’t know. I did some research and couldn't find much. I only know I came from the Midwest, I always went to the same school with all the other kids, had all the same friends, and changing schools was a non-issue. So what the heck happened?

That said, here’s a quick window into my world, as I learn that maybe schools aren't meant to be disposable. I might just have to stop serial school dating and commit to work through the problems. My 1-minute'ish “Martini Monovlog” series below, don't let me drink alone...

Changing schools, again? Really? from Debbie Lavdas on Vimeo.

Original Orange County post. You can keep up with Debbie keeping up at her e-zine site at Peace, Love and Momminessor on Facebook, Twitter, at Debbie's Hot Topics or her client writings at DebbieLavdas.com


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