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Why is "poopy" so popular?

Poopy I’ll be the first to admit that poopy is a funny word. It is a fun word to say, and I am certain I have said it more than I can count on my fingers and toes. There are websites dedicated to poopy humor and just about everyone I know giggles if the word poopy is used as an adjective, a verb, a noun, or as an expletive. Poopy has also become my 4 year old’s favorite word. Noone is safe from poopy in my house.

 My daughter has a terrific vocabulary for a 4 year old. She uses words such as octagon, obnoxious, fantastic, and now - poopy. Seems as if my son has a poopy foot, I have poopy hair, and my daughter’s dresses are now poopy dresses. What does that even mean? Whatever it means it is certainly funny, because every time my girl uses the word she giggles as if I am tickling her with a thousand feathers. She makes up songs with poopy too. The latest is sung to the melody of Mary Had Little Lamb and goes a little like this: “Loki (our dog) has a poopy butt, poopy butt, poopy butt. Loki has a poopy butt and it needs a diaper.” Proceeded by rolling on the floor with laughter. Her little brother was enlightened to the fact that there are not only cars on the road, but poopy cars. Again, what does that even mean?

I giggled when she first used poopy because I definitely can be a base-level humor kind of girl, but now I am annoyed. Poopy is starting to stink and my girl only started using it last week. I asked her where she learned the word and she said that she found it on a tree. I asked her if her friends use it and she said “yes.” She said two of them actually “gave” her the word “poopyhead” and she likes it. I have come to the realization that I probably have years of poopy in my future…and not just in the toilet.

It was hard not to laugh when she said that the yard was full of “poopy grass.” I mean, it was true -we have two dogs. When she said it again, and not referring to having to go to the bathroom, but referring to how the tomato plants were growing “poopy to eat” I couldn't ignore it any longer. I explained that poopy was okay to say if she had to go poopy in the bathroom or if her brother smelled as if he had poopy in his pants, but not if she was calling a person or the dogs “poopy,” “poopyhead,” or “poopybrain.” 

Oh, and we also had to come up with a new rule: no using poopy at the dinner table.

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