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Family Time

J0430807 A couple of months ago, my family was at another couple's house for dinner.  While my friend and I talking and sipped our beers, our husbands and children disappeared to the basement.

They emerged hours later, with bleary eyes and smiles across their faces.  My daughter exclaimed, "Mom!  We just played the best game!  Dad says we're going to go buy it tomorrow!"

And, we did.

When I was a kid, my family would gather together and play Monopoly for hours, work on jigsaw puzzles, or go outside for a rousing game of kickball.  We played cards, backgammon and checkers.  We enjoyed these things because we enjoyed each other.  We didn't play games in silence.  We actually had conversations.

Our new game causes us to have conversations too.  Nasty ones.  It's a video game and you play as a team.  If one member of your team fails, you can all fail.  There is a lot of finger-pointing and blame going on because of it.  I have stopped playing, because I believe a family game should be fun, not miserable.

However, my husband, my daughter and my son have continued to play it.  They boss each other around, yell and throw fits when someone does something wrong.  They all stare at the television instead of one another and all the while, they claim to be having fun as a family.

I sit back and reminisce about my childhood and the many afternoons filled with laughter, games and family-togetherness.

And I think about how, one of these days, I'm going to burn that Super Mario Bros. disc.


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