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The Power of a Great Haircut

J0448153 This week, I will get my hair cut and styled. Afterwards, I will feel like a million bucks.  Why? Because a great haircut has awesome and wonderful powers on the American woman.

My hair is short enough to require a cut every 6 weeks or so and I color my hair.  A good haircut in this part of Ohio is going to cost around $60.  The coloring can range from $60-100, depending on what you want done.

The DIY part of me is willing to color my own hair.  I've had enough bad or mediocre color jobs in the salon to make me completely ok with my own color results.  However, the cut is different.  A good cut is worth paying for. 

Case in point:  One woman has fabulous hair that is bouncy, healthy and vogue.  She has her make-up on and jewelry in tact.  Her outfit, however, consists of faded yoga pants, flip-flops and and t-shirt, accessorized with a colorful scarf.

Another woman has on a very expensive business suit, matching shoes and bag, all in fashion.  However, on second glance, you see her hairstyle, from the 80's, dated, with long roots in need of touch-up and/or even worse...(unpurposed) gray.

See what I mean? Which one strikes you as someone who 'has it going on'?  Hair and accessories make the look.  I like to spend my limited fashion dollars on what gets me the most bang for the buck. 

Counting the hours until haircut night.....

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