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Not in My Back Yard

J0443196 The neighborhood where I live was recently up in arms because of a proposal for the development of a gas station.  Though the land where the construction would take place is situated on a major thoroughfare and has been abandoned for quite some time, the residents located nearest the lot were vehemently opposed.

I wholeheartedly disagree with them.

This gas station is affiliated with a local grocery store's loyalty program.  There isn't another gas station around for miles where their shoppers can receive a discount.  People would travel into our area just to buy gas, which is apparently part of the argument.

People don't want the extra traffic, though the lot is located on the corner of one of Columbus' main roads and a road which dead-ends into a river.  It would be impossible for people to use neighborhood streets as a short-cut.  The only way in and out would be on the road that is already well-traveled.

I have no problem bringing extra cars into town.  People in those cars may patronize the small boutiques and bakeries that are locally owned and operated.  The owners of which need our support more than ever.

I am not opposed to creating new jobs in my neighborhood.  Even the minimum wage a gas station attendant would likely earn would be of benefit to someone in need.

This is the same neighborhood that banned the sale of beer and wine for many years.  Until recently, we had to travel outside the community boundaries to make that type of purchase.  People were afraid that the sale of beer and wine would lead to vagrancy.  Instead, it has lead to the creation of fine dining establishments which would have never stood a chance before.

Although I live in a progressive area, we need to be more open to change.  We need to recognize that the decisions we make affect more than just ourselves and that sometimes sacrifices must be made for the benefit of the greater good.

For the companies and individuals who want to bring jobs into the neighborhood and stimulate our economy, please know you're welcome on my street corner any time.

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