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No Hoochie-Mamas Here

J0444256 I grew up in the 70's - that tells you a lot about me right there.  The post-Woodstock, free-love, ample drugs, rock-and-roll, The Stones, Disco, Southern Rock...you know the generation.  My generation....I think there was a song about that.

Yet in all of the 'sub-culture' of the 70's, there were boundaries.  I remember when Cher first showed her belly-button on television, what an uproar was made by an unapproving public!  You just didn't do that.  And if you did, you would find yourself 'labeled' very quickly...as someone looking for a different kind of fun, aka Hoochie-Mama.

Today, things are a lot different.  The boundaries are few and the options for personal expression are great.  This generation has my sympathy as few things seem sacred at this point in history.

My beef is that retailers market these fashion trends to girls that are yet younger and younger each season.  I find it difficult, and have for some 15 years or so, to find trendy yet chaste clothing.  OK, ok, I'm not talking about Amish styles, denim-jumpers that touch the floor, whatever.  I am a stylish person and enjoy fashion and hair, I feel the same way about my girls.  I want them to look nice and in style.  However, I do not want them to look like they are planning to stand on the street corner after school!

Many of my former favorite retailers have totally let me down here, I won't name them, but these are big anchors of most malls.  I have found that stores like Children's Place and Gap allow children to look like children.  What about Jr. high?  More difficult, yes, but not impossible.  Aeropostle and Kohl's have good prices and for the most part, you can find decent styles for your pre-teen.  You have to just find your own 'sweet spots' locally. 

I have also found most of these name brands for less at "Plato's Closet" and "Once Upon A Child".  Of course, I garage sale and Ebay for clothes for the kids as well. 

It's a confusing age we live in and my children, especially my girls, need to understand what looking like a young lady is and is not.  My girls all understand what is acceptable in our family and what isn't.  I rarely have to remind them, they are uncomfortable in those kinds of clothes.  I did something right.

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