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Bugs don't bug me...do they?

J0401530 Aaah, Ohio in the spring time - wild weather swings, bushes and trees bursting with blossoms, the optimism that accompanies the end of winter...and ticks.  This promises to be a banner year for ticks, with mama finding one or more a day for a week now.  There's nothing quite like a blood sucking parasite to make the little hairs stand up on the back of my neck.  Seeing as I encourage my daughter to be bold, to play in the dirt and explore the outdoors, I try not to let on. 

The other day we had a picnic in the front yard for dinner and I totally failed the freak out test.  The weather was perfect, the food delicious and daddy was even able to join us.  I was just finishing up my salad when I felt something on my arm.  I tried to casually brush that "something" off, but it didn't budge.  It was a pesky little tick, not attached but not easy to get rid of either.  It took five swipes to get off, each one slightly wilder than the last.  I don't think my oldest noticed, but hubs certainly did and he teased me about it the rest of the night.  I tried to make up for my wimpiness by suggesting we hunt for worms to add to the flower bed after dinner.

It isn't that I'll be upset if my girls end up afraid of ticks or other bugs, I just don't want them to feel that way because they see me react that way.  I want them to come to their own conclusions, saving my attempts at influence for later when it comes to more important subjects like peer pressure, drinking and sex.  And I'll keep trying to be aware of my actions and reactions in order to be the best influence I can - just one more way my girls are making me a better person!

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