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Blogging as Creative Play

J0409430Creative play is a phrase we moms know well; it's bandied about by education professionals, child development experts, and emphasized by preschools as the primary component of their programs.

But the need for creative play doesn't end when your child turns five, or ten, or even during the teen years.  Yes, they might be long past the days of building block towers and dressing up in princess or superhero costumes, but the need to spend time lost in the creative work is still there well past adolescence because it is so fundamental to the human condition.

Often we forget this; as adulthood layers it's burdens of responsibility upon our shoulders (college, jobs, marriage, children, aging parents), we forget the simple joy of exercising our creative muscles by doing work  just for the fun of it.  We moms work hard (some of us at jobs that earn paychecks; all of us at the endless tasks that come with modern motherhood); when we get those rare free moments to ourselves, more work is usually the last thing we want to do. 

But the beauty of the work that is creative play is that it isn't really work at all.

It's fun.

Blogging is my creative play.  

I garden (in a laissez-faire, survival-of-the-fittest kind of way) and I don't mind cooking (eating yummy food is always a bonus), but both of those and so many more of my daily tasks are just that - tasks that must be done to keep things rolling along in the right direction. 

But blogging  - whether I post today or not - has no effect on the state of our household.  

Blogging is something I do because I love doing it, from the code hacking to the writing to the site design.  It's my creative play and while I have had times - days, weeks - where I walked away from it, frustrated or overwhelmed or both, I have always come back.

Because I - like my children, and like, I imagine, even you - need to a place to think, to dream, to create something from nothing.

Blogging has become that place for me.

I'm glad I found it.

This is an original Ohio Moms Blog post. When she's not trying her best to keep her family on an even keel, Marianne shares money saving tips and her love of Krogering at The New Frugal Mom and her thoughts about life and writing and Writer-Mommy.