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A Mother's Day Tribute to a Woman I'll Never Meet

J0443727 In America this Sunday, we will celebrate and pay tribute to our moms.

We'll send them cards, bring them flowers, take them out to brunch and generally love all over them.  I will be in that number, enjoying whatever my husband and children choose to do to honor their wife and mother.  I particularly like 'homemade' cards because they truly reflect what the children are feeling.

However, there is another woman somewhere in Ethiopia who is the biological mother to three of my adopted children....and I ache for her this week.

Every woman who makes an adoption plan for children deserves a medal.

Too often, these mothers are misjudged and misunderstood, yet they are among the strongest women alive.   In this society where the 'right to life' is controversial, the choice to carry a child that you know you cannot care for, to term, takes incredible courage.  The arduous task of interviewing parents to determine who would be best to care for your child must be wearisome to a pregnant and very hormonal body.  

From justifying their decision to parents, boyfriends and others to facing doctors and nurses every month at pre-natal appointments, it takes unbelievable resolve to walk through this pregnancy, often alone and with little or no support.

But the hardest part must be saying good-bye, once the delivery is complete and the paperwork finalized.  There is no mother alive that wouldn't grieve that child for the rest of her life, planned or unplanned. 

There are other women, half-way around the world, who would prefer to keep their children, but alas cannot provide for them either.  Their options are even more limited, as they sign their often times malnourished children over to an orphanage in hopes that they will have a better chance there.  I wonder if they realize that less than 1% of those children get adopted.

To conclude, if you are a woman who has given up a child to adoption, for what ever reason, I salute you.

Thank you for fighting for your child and for not giving up.  Rest in the fact that you made the right decision at that particular point in your life. 

From an adoptive mom to the birth moms who gave their children the greatest gift of all, a family, God bless you and Happy Mother's Day. Kelly blogs about her life as a mother of 9 at www.themorristribe.com