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A Break From Being Mom

3968025692_2a2f606fdd The day started out like any other. My husband got up early like he always does, shortly followed by our two daughters, both early risers like him. Later, I stumbled downstairs to the sounds of my girls laughing, yelling and fighting all within the same minute. They immediately saw me and came running, each taking turns sitting on my lap and cuddling with me.

But then an hour later, I waved goodbye as they left for the day. My husband was going to visit friends and taking our daughters with him, giving me the day to myself. "I'll miss you," I told each of my girls, and I actually meant it. Responsibilities at home meant that there was no way I could join them, and it was with a heavy heart that I told my husband, "I really wish I could come with you."

"You'll enjoy the day alone," he responded.

"No, I won't," I pouted.

Not accepting my answer, he kissed me goodbye and closed the door. I was all alone. I looked around the house and didn't know what to do with myself.

Sitting down in the chair, I noticed Dora was still on TV. I picked up the remote and started to turn off the TV, then paused, scrolled through the on-screen menu, and turned it to The History Channel. Huh, I thought, how often do I get to watch a special on the bubonic plague?There were no children around me to lobby for Dora to appear on-screen again, and no husband to question my desire to watch a documentary. I settled into my chair for the remainder of the program.

Later, I took advantage of having no children to watch and indulged in an afternoon nap. I enjoyed the silence in the house. After my nap, I went out shopping, taking my time in each store - no worries about keeping little people entertained. I worked in my backyard weeding my garden, free of little hands pulling out the wrong plants. Finally, I capped off my day by having dinner at my favorite fast food restaurant, a place I rarely get to go because no one else in my family likes it. 

My husband was right. I did enjoy my day off from being a mom. It felt wonderful to do whatever I wanted and have no one else to worry about at that moment. And when he came home in the evening, I was ready to rejoin my family and help two tired little girls up to bed. "Did you have a good day?" my husband asked.

"Yep," I responded. "And next time you offer me a day alone, I won't be so reluctant to take it." 

This is an original Ohio Moms blog post.

When she's not escaping from her family, Christina can be found at her personal blog, A Mommy Story.

Image credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/yhanna/ / CC BY 2.0