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Welcome to Our Restaurant

IMG_0149   A few nights ago, I asked my daughter whether we should go out to a restaurant or stay home.  I was vying for restaurant because I didn't want to have to clean up dishes.

"How about a compromise?" she asked.  "We'll make a restaurant at home."

I rarely say no to her compromises because the act of offering one is something I want to encourage.  So restaurant play began as it has many times before.

We worked together on a big sign for the door that said 'Lizard Restaurant.'  My husband was designated the chef and Lillian, the waitress.  They collaborated to make a menu while I set the table with fresh place mats, cloth napkins, silverware and glasses.

Lil tied on a too small wrap around skirt as a cafe apron.  She choose a notepad on which to scribble orders, then called them to the chef.

I poured drinks and she carefully carried them to the table.  We used our real crystal and dimmed the lights.  Service began, in courses.  After an appetizer of chilled grapes and entrée of spaghetti with various toppings, we ordered dessert from the menu.  It was served on antique plates from my great grandmother.

Lillian the waitress has a lot to learn.  She rarely recalls an order correctly.  Sometimes she nibbles off the guest plates.  She isn't very good about clearing the table and never remembers the bill.

But Lil serves up the biggest smiles and one great way to spend the evening together as a family!

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Other than engaging child labor at the Lizard, Rachel gardens, cooks, and writes about it at Hounds In The Kitchen.