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Voting on the Issues

495114549_40eddbcddc_m  Confrontation is something I try to avoid at all cost, as a result, I usually don’t bring up politics or religion in mixed company.   To properly debate, I feel facts are crucial, points are to be made and I need to come armed with information on my topic.  I’m too lazy to suit up, so I usually avoid the topics all together.  Unless it’s a subject that deeply resonates. 

As voters we need to be educated regarding issues. But during elections, we tend to be so inundated with ads and negative campaigning that we loose site of the smaller issues that have big impacts.  On the May 4th state election, Ohioans will be asked to review Issue 1.  Issue 1 extends a 2005 constitutional amendment that authorizes general obligation bonds to fund research and development.  The bond program was created to build up technology, to grant money to the little guy, to fund research and bring innovative ideas to the forefront. Since 2005 the Ohio Third Frontier program has done just that.  Created as an economic development tool, the Ohio Third Frontier program has created over 40,000 jobs, launched new companies and expanded existing corporations.  Research has been given the attention it so richly needed to allow Ohio’s economy to grow in a direction that will continually move forward, as well as kept companies and talent in the state. 

I’ve worked on the business side of the biotech field for 5 years and coming from a not for profit and art background, I surprisingly love it.  Sure, some of the stuff I hear leaves me nodding off to sleep and other parts give me the heebee geebees, but at times I learn things that are truly intriguing because it touches problems that I’ve witnessed. 

I admit I’m biased. I like to see companies who focus on finding and creating greener fuel sources, therapeutics for cancer, and diagnostics for hard to treat diseases, succeed in this skewed corporate world.  I like research.  I’m inspired by it and after seeing so many people suffer; it gives me hope for my child.  Maybe Alzheimer’s will be a treatable disease and cancer will be seen in the same respect as a common cold. 

The company I work for directly supports medical research. Five years ago, we received an Ohio Third Frontier Program grant so I have directly seen the benefit this program has. In fact, my job was created as a result of the grant. In addition, the grant enabled our very small, 8-person company to double its revenue almost every year since we received it.

The key to making Ohio viable in this global economy is to support local businesses and grow them within our state.  The Third Frontier program promotes and produces results in this area.  So as you fill out your absentee ballot or check into the polls on May 4th, remember Issue 1.  Your tax dollars will not be affected or raised because it is a bond issue.  There is nothing to lose. 

 This is an original Ohio Moms Blog post. Mollie is the Marketing Director for small biotech company located in Columbus and blogs at Fish Food.