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There's an App for Naps

3592431123_b9c83e7160_o Recently my family got together with some friends to get our gardens started during the recent warm weather. We were saving money on renting a tiller by splitting it between three families. While we were finishing up at the third house the little ones were starting to get cranky for their afternoon naps. Being at someone else’s house for a nap doesn’t really work for my son. He will sleep in his car seat while we are driving and he will sleep in his crib. In cases of extreme exhaustion he’ll even sleep in his grandmother’s lap at his aunt’s wedding reception while Billy Idol is blaring. But not at a friend’s house in a pack n’ play in perfect silence.

While I was chasing my cranky kid around our friend went for a drive with her daughter to get her to sleep. When she returned she did something that caught me off guard. She left her toddler in the car in the driveway while she came in for lunch. But she wasn’t leaving her unattended, technically, because she left her iPhone in the car with her.

Apparently there is an iPhone application that acts as a baby monitor. If there is any noise in the car the phone automatically dials the programmed number, in this case the father’s cell phone. I can remember being 18 and seeing my sister-in-law leave my niece in her locked vehicle in a driveway and thinking how odd and dangerous it was. And I had similar feelings this time. We couldn’t see the car and she had left the doors unlocked, but there was that phone application giving the illusion of safety.

Don’t get me wrong; I’ve left my sleeping son strapped in his car seat in my garage while I run groceries into the house. And really, knowing the neighborhood, the secluded driveway and the fact that there were six adults just inside the house I’m sure her daughter was perfectly safe. There’s just something about leaving my child out of sight in an unlocked car and relying on new technology to notify me that something is happening, and not to run out of batteries, that gives me the heebie-jeebies.

Maybe that’s just the paranoia of a first time mom. Then again, the father did end up sitting in the car with the napping girl after he finished his slice of pizza.

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