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The World's Sexiest Man - My Husband!

PhotoThis is my husband, driving our tractor up the street to be repaired.  I am completely enthralled with him in this picture.

Why?  Because my husband is a businessman, through and through.  He isn't handy, never has been.  He hates yard work and prefers the smallest, maintenance-free yard he can have.  He drives an Acura and keeps it perfectly maintained and clean.  His office is even cleaner.

What does all of this have to do with the price of eggs?  And where am I going with this crazy post??  What makes him sexy to me is that he is willing to dream my dream with me....by moving to the country.

 Had Mark never met me, I am quite sure that he would live in a ritzy condominium, without any pets.  His walls would be white, his furniture brown and his counters spotless.  He would always know where his Blackberry charger was and the exact location of his Armour-All for the leather seats in the Acura.

Instead, he lives on a farm, with his wife and 9 children.  There are no white walls in our home, they are forbidden.  He is surrounded by pets including a large and loving basset hound, one bunny (currently) and numerous other critters that vary daily.

His Blackberry and the charger are frequently missing, as well as the keys to the golf-cart, Kuboda and tractor.  The woman he married is a faithful wife and mother, but has a creative streak in her that keeps Mark questioning what he'll encounter each day when he arrives home.  This week, he arrived home to an altered "dream-garden" plot which was intended to be 128 square feet, but was "slightly" expanded to 840 square feet.

The children, 6 of them biological and 3 of them adopted from Ethiopia, stretch him beyond any normal man's capabilities as a father, but he does a great job with them.  One of his wife's dreams was to adopt.

My husband is the sexiest man I know, not because he has the best body, the most hair or the coolest tattoos.  The truth is that I find him deeply attractive because he lets his life be filled with my dreams, as his closest friend and partner in life.  He opens himself up, far beyond his comfort zone, to of all things, drive a tractor...for me. 

Now that's love......and that's sexy.

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