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Splitting Hairs

J0422983Is there anything more worrisome and fraught with anxiety than walking into your local salon or (in my case) local haircut franchise and sitting in the chair of a brand new-to-you (and your hair) stylist?

I've had more than my share of bad haircuts but I'm lucky enough to be blessed with hair that grows quickly; unless the stylist attacks my hair like a suburbanite trying frantically to finish mowing their lawn as the clouds gather and thunder booms, my hair looks ok enough within a few weeks.  The exception to this personal truism would be the terrible, tear-inducing Reverse Shag of 1997, a la Rachel of Friends.  It wasn't the cut I asked for but it sure was the one he gave me; that hair disaster required almost six months for a full recovery.

I've also been blessed with naturally blonde hair for which I am ever grateful.  I've heard horror stories of Hair Color Gone Wrong in the salon and who hasn't seen one or a dozen ladies of a certain age sporting hair colors not naturally occurring in the human genetic code?  And then there's the final cost of all that shiny, freshly-colored hair; I've almost choked on a grape listening to how much women spend on keeping their color just so.  I think the dear Lord must have looked deep into my soul, seen my frugal nature, and decided to bless me with blonde.  That, or He just didn't want to see one of His children burn her own hair off trying to save a few bucks with an at-home color job, a fact I am certain would come to pass if I ever self-Clairoled.

Right now, I'm in the just-letting-my-hair-grow stage which is perfect since summer - the season of the glorious ponytail - is here.  With summer near, the season of pool days, yard work, and sweating through 90+ temperatures approaches; the pressure to have my hair looking just so evaporates as the shimmering heat rises around me.

As fall approaches, I'm sure I'll be tempted to try once again for a cute, edgy cut, one that I've seen on other women and thought it might look good on me, too. 

But I'm going to be strong this year; I'm going to just say no to layers and thinning and razoring and undercutting come September.  I'm holding out hope that someone, somewhere will create an app that will take what I say I want done to my hair translate it to stylist-speak so that they will fully synchronized with the vision I have in my head. 

Until then, I'll be rocking my pony.

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