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Seasonal Madness

IMG_0300 One benefit of living in Ohio is that we get to experience all four seasons. We get the blanket of snow in the winter, wet and cool springs, the sizzling heat of summer, and the crisp dry air of fall. Just when you start to get sick of one season, another comes along to bring you all new wonders and challenges.

But there's one aspect of all of this season-changing that I could do without: those annoying weeks where you're stuck in-between clothing seasons. This isn't a problem for my clothing, but it drives me mad when dealing with my kids' outfits.

Right now we're suffering through one of these periods. One day it's sunny and 75, the next it's 47 and cloudy. My daughters' dressers are currently filled with long-sleeves, sweatshirts, and fleece. There's no room for anything else. Until last week, stored in hard-to-reach areas were boxes full of short-sleeves, capri pants and sundresses, waiting for summer to be declared.

Then my older daughter came home from school one day with a note reminding us that her classroom gets rather warm when it's warm outside, and can you please be a responsible parent and dress your child so she doesn't sweat to death? It's not like I was trying to overheat her, but how are you supposed to dress a child when it's 38 degrees when she gets on the bus and 70 by afternoon? Send an "after-lunch" outfit? I don't have the laundry skills to handle two outfits a day.

So I dragged out the summer clothing and pruned the winter stuff, pulling out the fleece, but keeping the lightweight knit pants, squeezing the t-shirts next to the thermals. The sandals reside next to muddy boots. The result? A mess - the drawers are still full, now with half and half clothing, the winter boxes are half-packed but not yet able to be stored, and the summer boxes are also half-empty. Which makes their rooms half-disaster-zones.

Eventually the scales will tip and warm days will become the standard for the next several months. Then I will safely store away the winter clothing and order will be restored in my daughters' dressers. Until then, I carefully step over the boxes on the floor and swear to visitors that we're not moving anytime soon.

Maybe living in a year-round warm climate wouldn't be so bad? I bet parents in the south don't have to juggle the seasonal clothing like we do.

Or maybe I just need to buy an extra dresser.

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