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Ohio Perspective

Magnet ohio welcomes you

It's hard to be truly happy and content all the time with where you live, I don't care what state you live in. Everyone has to have some kind of beef with their current city and/or state. Let's face it, Ohio isn't usually on someone's top ten "I-want-to-live-there" states. I get this and for reasons I can understand. Though it does have it's pros. We are not plagued with earthquakes, tornadoes, or hurricanes. Things tend to stay pretty quiet in regards to those things. We get four seasons, though winter seems to get the longest run time. There are really beautiful parts of the state to be proud of. Southern Ohio is gorgeous. We have Cedar Point, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and the Ohio State Buckeyes. Not too shabby if you ask me.

Driving down 71 as often as I do, you tend to see all sorts of different state license plates. Sometimes I like to wonder as I drive where that car's destination is or will be. Are they coming or going? Are they visiting the Buckeye state or just driving through? What are their thoughts as they drive down this particular highway? Do they like what they see? Do they wish they could live here? Do they wonder about all the stories that are being made by those who live here?

Sometimes, depending on my mood, or weather, I like to daydream perhaps I'm driving with a different state license plate. Maybe I'm visiting or just driving through. I try to look around and look at my state as others would. Maybe I like what I see, and maybe I like my state better? Are the people here nice and welcoming or are they rude and stand offish?

I will be honest. The thoughts go through my mind more times than one thinking about how my life and my family's life would be if we lived in another state. 80% of the time I'd have to say I love where I live. The other 20% is most likely because it's snowy or cold.

I find it so easy to compare and complain about my state. I'm usually quick to pick out all it's flaws. After 30 years of living and breathing in this state, winters still get under my skin. I still get angry and shake my fist at mother nature every time winter rolls around, as if this is the only place where it snows.

Then Spring and Summer arrive and I forget all about that white cold stuff. I'm happy again. Content once more with my state. Once more happy and proud to be a buckeye. Once again feel myself being home.

Is Ohio perfect? Ideal? Some may say so. Sometimes for me it feels so. This is where I was born. Where my family and friends are. Where my husband was born and raised, and where we met and fell in love. Where my boys were born. Where moments and memories have been made. I am tied here by very deep and strong roots.

I stay because of those roots and because this is where I was put. Despite the cons of living in Ohio, it really is home to me. The thought of leaving is a bit too sad. I will visit and vacation in other, sometimes nicer than mine, states. But home will be here in the big O-H-I-O.

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