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The Revolving Door

FrontdoorI have a 'drop in anytime' policy at my home.  Friends and family usually call first, but our door is always open.  Some call it chaos but I like the busy-ness of having people over regularly.  A different kind of intimacy develops among 'always welcome' relationships.

This past Tuesday, a day when eight more inches of snow covered the twelve already on the ground and many were not venturing out on the streets, the open door became a revolving door.

First, my jack-of-all-trades artist friend Leonard (affectionately known as Krash or Uncle Leonard) drove in from Cleveland to drop off some female torso mannequins.  I don't need them for anything particular but he came across them in a warehouse and thought I might like them.  I do.

Leonard also had a new story to share and pictures of his latest VeloKit creation.  We roped him into analyzing the suitability of our chimney for a woodstove.  He will return in a few weeks to help install it.

As Leonard was settling in, my friend Julia dropped off her sweet little three month old for us to watch for a few hours.  She's sitting for her nursing board exam soon and needed some time to study in peace.

Just as Julia was walking out the door, an Amish man appeared on the porch.  I have just entered into a herdshare agreement and he was delivering our first gallon share of raw milk.  The farmer had forms to sign and jars to exchange.  I wrote him a check as Leonard and the sweet baby looked on with wide eyes.

Later I served the best beans and rice ever for dinner to our guests.  Julia, her baby, and Leonard said their goodbyes and we picked up the house to be ready for the next guest, whomever may come.

Tuesday was a particularly busy day, but any drop in might reveal me cooking, writing or watching children.  You should come over sometime.  The door is always open!

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When not joyfully entertaining visitors, Rachel writes about her Columbus Ohio urban homestead at Hounds In The Kitchen.