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So Long Baby Bike Seat


Last week my youngest daughter and I pulled our bikes out of the garage for the first time this Spring. Donning her brother's skull helmet she took off  on her bike like a bat out of hell in an attempt to beat me to the library.  She didn't need me to buckle her helmet or even to help get her started on her two wheeler.  As I swung my stiff leg over my seat I noticed the baby bike seat was still on my bike. Sighing, I realized this would definitely be the summer I would finally take the baby seat off my bike.

She barely sat in it last summer and when she did her knees took up all my butt space. (And I am sure it is because her legs were getting longer and not my butt getting bigger.) It's funny but I don't remember what my bike looks or feels like with out that little seat attached to the back. It's been there for the last fourteen summers; carrying Ginger and before that Molly and Jake. Sure with less weight it will be much easier to ride now. More room for my butt, no more dropped flip flops or water bottles. And no more back seat drivers that I am constantly screaming, "What??? I can't hear you!!"  Hell, I can even finally install those bike bags I've had sitting in the basement all these years.

Yet removing that seat is like getting rid of a whole stage of child rearing. Do I really not have little kids anymore? And could I possibly be that old? I am going to miss not having a tour guide highlighting each ride in song and there won't be anymore free back massages either. My little passengers were safely buckled in behind in with me behind the wheel.  Leaving stages of childhood behind is such a mixed bag of emotions for me. I am so happy and proud of my kids accomplishments and independence. It certainly makes my life easier on so many levels. Yet, it brings feelings of sadness and nostalgia too.

Not only will they never be small enough to fit in a little seat behind me again but somehow they are zooming past me and leaving me in their dust. It seems like yesterday I wanted to sneak off on my bike someplace all by myself with out an extra thirty or forty pounds on the back. Can that time really be here?

I have been informed by my son that in six months and fourteen days he will have his temps. Who the hell let's kids drive at 15 1/2? That seems crazy to me now that it is only a few months away. Wasn't it just yesterday that he was in that little bike seat behind me or learning to ride his two wheeler? 

So like EVERYONE, ALWAYS says-"They grow up so fast....Before you know it they will be gone" I too am finding this to be true. I am trying to savor every passing day of their childhood, especially  before I have to buckle up and be the passenger and my son the driver!

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