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Ohio Mom Bloggers on @KatieCouric with Kathryn Stockett

The cold winter sun was streaming in through the windows. The house was completely quiet. The kids had all been dispatched to various friends' houses, but I was overflowing with nervous energy. I was running around cleaning my house frantically, looking under couches, vacuuming closets, and dusting the baseboards. I was about to welcome into my living room Katie Couric and Kathryn Stockett, author of the NY Times Bestseller novel, the Help

Well, not literally, physically in my living room. In another miracle of blogosphere connectivity, the CBS newsroom would be viewing my couch via Skype.

Thankfully, I had a few other intelligent women joining me on my couch to share my anxiety. Abby Aldrich and Amy Turn Sharp of our very own Ohio Moms Blog, along with Kelley Megahan from my Dublin book club. We had honed our questions for the Southern author who captured the essence of race relations in Mississippi during the civil rights era and were ready for a great discussion.

After a great deal of technical back and forth, adjusting the closeness of most of my house tabletop lights to our feet, the interview began. We stared at the blank screen of my iMac, smiling intellectually and intelligently. Soon Katie Couric said, "Hello Ohio!" and Kathryn Stockett's sunny Southern accent warmed the room.

For the rest of the interview, see the footage below:

This is an original Ohio Moms Blog post. When not Skyping with reporters and famous authors, Vanessa Druckman blogs about cooking and parenting at Chefdruck Musings.