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Oh, Ramen Again...

800px-Fresh_ramen_noodle_001 “Oh, make sure you don't use the debit card for anything...”

“Um, what about food?”

“No, just wait.”

“What about the birthday money that Nora gave you to deposit to buy her doll from e-bay?”

“Yeah, just let me know before you process that payment...”


This is what owning a small business and working for yourself looks like.  It looks like rummaging around the refrigerator and the pantry to find a can a beans, a can of tomatoes and some baby carrots to make... CHILI!  Or looking around the floor of the car, beneath the couch cushions, and sometimes your kid's wallet to find... BUS FARE!

“Maybe I should just get a full-time job so that you can take your time with the business?”

“No, it will all work out.”


I hope that our kids grow up and reflect on how their parents “sacrificed for what they believed in” instead of on how “we ate a whole shitload of ramen noodles”.  A few months ago my husband received the Progressive Business award from Mercy for Animals the same night that I had an art opening.  The kids stayed home that evening even though they could have gone to either event.  The fact that their parents are involved with and do these things don't translate into something they can put a value on.  Even though I exhibit consistently, my children see “mommy taking time for her hobbies instead of hanging out more with us.”   Even though my husband works over 50 hours a week growing his restaurant, my children see “daddy is never home anymore.”

This really bugs me, even though I can't blame them.  If I look at our family life through younger eyes, I would see the same thing.   My 14 year old sort of gets it, and I think she's beginning to see how important it is to follow your dreams no matter what the cost.   It's hard though when the “no matter what the cost” part effects everyone around you.   My hope is that their upbringing will give them the courage to follow their OWN dreams.   They have never been without food or a warm house or clothes.  They've not always been able to afford to shop at the mall, but they've benefitted from trade from the local designer toy and art gallery where I've filled in when the owners went on vacation.  They might not eat pizza every weekend, but they can go to their dad's restaurant and be able to order a custom dinner made just the way they like it.   These are things that they can touch and taste.  I just hope that as they mature they will see what our sacrifices have achieved.  I know my husband and I have made headway in our endeavors.  It's hard to measure this with a dollar amount, but we somehow have managed to make ends meet doing things we love.

Well, at least things that we believe in.

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When Sharon isn't stressing about how to pay for her kid's rec center class she sometimes blogs at Sharon H. Bell's House of Vice and Virtue.


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