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Just Three Things

20071105-index-cards So I am trying to take apart the insanity
that is my notebook and revamp it.
I have these notebooks that are like a daily agenda for me
and I pen giant to do lists in them each night.
Then I scratch things off as I go.
I am not going to lie.
The notebooks look like they belong to someone who may be unstable. Crazy crossed out scribbles. (messy/scary)

My friends recoil when they catch a glimpse of all of the scribbles and such.
Frankly it is madness for me.
It is like a catch all for my whole life.
I write daily goals beside of house repair lists.
I make tiny lists of foods that must be bought organic and people who are highly annoying.
I write down ideas for poems that I will never find the time to write and make columns of gift ideas for the children. I schedule my days almost hourly sometimes.
It is too much.

My dear friend Gwen has inspired me to start using an index card daily program.
Here our her words from her blog:

Each day I write my goals for the day on a 3x5 index card. If you like a bit more structure there are countless posts on how to "hack" your 3x5 card for maximum productivity. I'm a big fan of the non-hack hack. Pen, index card. Keep it simple.

This is new for me but I am trying to choose just three things that MUST be accomplished in my day.
I will allow myself on the back to write pop ups or reminders if I must
(like BUY MILK PICK UP FINN AT 11:15 etc)

but I really want to try and keep the three big things.

Today I have on my card:

Mail an order to New Zealand
Practice snap words with Finn
Clean living room

And those things are manageable items for the day.
They allow me to open the windows and sit on my butt after lunch if I want to.
Those tiny goals give me freedom to throw assorted bikes and sporting equipment in the van and take off for the park with the boys later because my day is not full of crap that I won't get to anyways.
My day can be full of what it should be full of.
My life.

This is a great post to digest on Gwen's blog.
She has it going on.

What do you do to make a day unfold the right way for yourself?
How do stop the madness of trying to to do it all
when balance and conquering each day really is bullshit.
I am a really busy person. We all are.
We all need hacks. He all need help.
Tell us things.

Share it.
Spill it.

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