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I enjoy being a girl

IMG_0620  There was something inside of me from the moment I found out I was pregnant that I knew I was going to have a girl.  The thought of little girlness excited me.  I’m not a girly girl myself, but teaching a girl how to become a woman intrigued me. 

 Then she came & she came in the tiniest package possible. Born two weeks early.  My little 4 1/2 lb baby girl was already dainty, which led me to believe that’s how she would always be.  However, as she grew, even thought her size was small, her attitude and spirit took up an entire city block.  Still does.  It’s amazing to watch your child take over an entire room, especially a child who comes from two socially awkward parents.   And over time I have realized my girl was more like a boy. It’s like having two kids in one. Give her Diego over Dora, cars over baby dolls, and pirates over Barbie.  My daughter will not wear dresses.  The idea brings her to a weepy mess on the floor.  Pigtails?  No such luck, she asks to me to take her to the salon and her hair cut short.  Not too long ago she told me her name was Zach and then a week later it was Pikachu.  My daughter quite frequently says she wants to be a boy.  I ask her why? She says, “because I like boys”. 

 These things I like, appreciate and make me realize that all those calculated attempts to say “way to go” instead of “good girl” have paid off.  I have to admit my daughter wishing to be a boy has bothered me.  Why? It’s not the fact she likes to do “boy” things, I like that she digs skateboarding, dinosaur, and cars. It’s the idea of her wanting to be a boy rather than a girl bothers me. In fact, to her “girl” is almost a dirty word. If I show her a hat and say this is a total boy hat, she’ll want it in a heartbeat.  If something is too pink, she’ll freak & cry and say it’s too much like a girl. 

I was hoping to raise a little feminist who would wear the girl badge with pride.  The small petite thing that would whip boys at all the games and exclaim “That’s right you got beat by a GIRL!”  My 5-year-old claims girls are too fancy.  I know this phase will pass and one day she’ll be wearing makeup and dressing like 25 year old prostitute at the age of 13, but it’s now during these informative years where my opinion matters, that I would like her to see that being a girl can be great.   I do my occasional girl pep talks of why it’s so awesome to be a girl, but to be honest I don’t have a really good argument.  Being a young girl can suck.  Other girls are mean to you, you get your period, you do, or in my case, don’t get boobs, it’s rough.  Boys go through crazy things too. To put it simply, it’s not easy to grow up.  That being said, what I would prefer is for her to like who she already, she’ll go through enough trying to change herself when she’s older.  Right now, I want my daughter to look in the mirror, see that sweet face and be happy that she’s one of the smartest kids in her class and she’s a girl.  Until then, I’m quite happy to take my little Zack and go play Diego.  

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