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Grandma's Colon Is Just Fine

4456472384_d49eb49e1e_m I received this text from my mother last week: "Grandma's colon is just fine." My mother accompanied Grandma for a regular screening. Though possibly an entry into 'strangest text received', I was glad to know that nothing was wrong.

For my grandmother's first colonoscopy, I attended with my mother. (Mom had a broken arm and needed some assistance herself.) I was there when the doctor showed us pictures of the inside of Grandma's colon.

Yay, I have seen the inside of a colon! If only we were all so lucky!

I have similar intimate knowledge of my mother's, grandfather's, and best friend's poop chute. I would file their reports under 'too much information', but I'm acutely aware that I need this data.

Colonoscopy results are part of a family health history. Someday, sooner than I want, I will be subject to a colon cancer screening. I do wish for technological advances that will make the procedure less, um, invasive. Given the good chance that not much will change, I need to understand about exam options.

This is a new phenomenon, discussing colon health. As recent ago as twenty years, colon endoscopy was not a routine diagnostic procedure. Uncomfortable though it may be to hear about friends' and family members' colons, through education, colon cancer diagnoses and deaths are dropping. One report indicates that with continued screening and treatment, Americans could see a 50% decline in colorectal cancer death rates by 2020.

I dare you to text your mom/dad/aunt/grandparent/elderly neighbor about their colorectal health. By educating each other and encouraging screenings, we might be able to kick this cancer in the behind.

March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. For more information about prevention and treatment, see the Center for Disease Control and Colon Cancer Alliance.

This is an original Ohio Moms Blog post. Rachel Tayse Baillieul spends most of her time avoiding considerations of the colon by gardening, cooking, eating, and writing at Hounds In The Kitchen.