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Bright Side

150069741_b35cb94b88 One of the best things about living in Columbus for the past five years is that I've been so much closer to the equator than my family in Michigan, which means I could call my sister in mid-February to say things like, "It's 40 degrees today. It's only 30 up there? How sad for you." It's the little things, you know. I'm quite petty.

Spring usually comes about two weeks earlier here, and we normally get about 20 inches less snow than in mid-Michigan. I know that because I looked it up on the internet as soon as I found out we were moving to Columbus. If we were going to move away from our family and friends into a big (to us) unknown city, I needed a bright side, and the lack of snow was bright enough to comfort me.

This year, however, the sky (stupid, stupid sky) dumped even more snow on Columbus than in my hometown. And our February temps have been running very similar to Chesaning's. Winter brings me very little joy as it is, but those last cloudy cold days of February were brutal to my psyche without being able to check the weather and take comfort in the fact that I wasn't in Michigan. It's all about the bright side and there was no bright side.

This beginning to March could not have come at a better time (literally, since we do tend to stick to a calendar and February was all done). I thought I might gouge my eyes out if I saw another cold, cloudy day, but then it turned cold and sunny. And slowly, slowly the temperature crept up above freezing. It's going to be a sunny 56 degrees today and I've almost forgotten the torture of February. There's nothing worse than expecting spring to start peeking in on me at a reasonable time and being bashed in the face with clouds and cold for two weeks longer than necessary. I'm going to go sit out in the sun now. On top of a pile of snow, but still. Oh, and I have to call my sister. It's only going to be 53 degrees up there.

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