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Turning off the Radio Never Got Easier

Screen shot 2010-02-19 at 9.57.43 AM  Each weekday morning at 7:15 the girls & I get into the van and make the daily trek to school. The ride to drop off both the girls at their respective schools only takes me about 20 minutes roundtrip.  To fill the silence in the car (oh yes, there is silence because my girls are anti-morning people & I am happen to be a morning person) we listen to the radio.  

I can't stand their radio station with all the craziness in the morning. I don't like what they are saying & I really don't like the commercials they play.  The girls really don't care for the station that I listen to in the morning as they say it has too much talk.  We finally settled on WMJI, which boasts itself as playing 'Cleveland's greatest Hits.'  

It has news and weather (this is a must for my teenager, Giggles) and it has to have decent music (and thankfully my tween, The Chicken loves 'oldies'.) So we settled on Majic 105.7 as our radio station of choice in the morning hours.  Some days the music that it plays gives it staying power to last into the evening, that is, until this morning.

They started out with some local news, which lead into world news, which in turn they shared this story. 

The story is about an obese woman giving birth to a healthy baby girl in Romania yesterday via c-section. They went on to talk about how she required 4x the anesthetic than a 'normal' person would need for the same surgery.  Then it started to get ugly.

They laughed about the fact that she had a c-section when she probably needed a c,d,e,f, and g section.  They then laughed about the fact that someone 'had to get with that' in order for her to become pregnant.  There were laughs and more chuckles about how he could be lost somewhere in 'there' and that the doctors should have looked for him when they delivered the baby.  

I have never been so offended and embarrassed over a radio program...EVER!  

So thank you Lanigan and Malone for making the silence that much more bearable this morning as I have never been happier to turn off a radio station.

While not making up hashtags on Twitter or photographing the world around her, Heather Durdil is a mom to two girls and a wife to an excellent husband living out her life about 20 miles west of Cleveland and documenting it all at Domestic Extraordinaire.

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