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On the Road...Again

J0444190 Yesterday, was my eleven year old daughter's last basketball game of the season.  Tomorrow, she starts track practice. 

Her school softball season runs April through the end of May, then she plays in a summer league in June and July.  She is also in choir and Girl Scouts and has played soccer every fall (though this year she wants to give golf a try).  I was able to talk her out of band, simply because it costs too much.

My son is in Cub Scouts, which sometimes meets twice a week and he will start baseball practice soon.  He also wants to take swim lessons and play an instrument.

My husband and I have always said that we should let our kids try everything, then settle on something they like.  But, at what point is enough, enough?  At what point do I cry, "Uncle!" and hang up my chauffeur hat?  My daughter has liked every extra-curricular activity she's ever tried.

Both of my children maintain good grades and I love that they have social connections and stay physically active, but games, practices and meetings throw a wrench into family time and wreak havoc with my laundry schedule!  It is nearly impossible to work part-time, maintain a household and ferry them to and fro.

Do I continue to let them run me ragged?  Part of me feels that they will only be young once and that I don't want them to miss these opportunities.

But the other part of me is awfully tired.

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