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Join us for a SV Moms Group Book Club: The Mominatrix's Guide to Sex by Kristen Chase

MominatrixLet's talk about sex, baby! For Valentine's Day, we thought it would be nice to have a bonus book club. Join us next Wednesday, February 17, as we discuss The Mominatrix's Guide to Sex: A No-Surrender Advice Book by Kristen Chase.

About the Book:

Whether your post-baby sex life suffered only minor speed bumps or you had to relearn how to drive, having kids does really change everything. It's not that your libido got stranded at the hospital but rather it just went on mini-hiatus – you know, after the kids are asleep, the laundry is folded, and you've lost the post-partum belly rolls. Or at least bought stock in Spanx.

The last thing you probably need are helpful hints from an expert who just wants to send you on date nights or make you name your husband's private parts.

The Mominatrix's Guide to Sex will help you get back what’s rightfully yours. No harsh judgments, boring commentary, or embarrassing exercises. Just a frank, funny discussion about sex after kids for new moms and seasoned veterans. From the nitty gritty on pregnancy and post-partum sex to spicing things up when the flame starts to burn out, even a chapter that's just for the dads, the Mominatrix takes on everything you need to know or want to ask.

So get ready to toss out those mommy jeans and dust off those handcuffs.

Join us! Purchase your copy of The Mominatrix's Guide to Sex by Kristen Chase here.

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