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Hurry, Spring, Hurry

©2010, Jenna Hatfield Last week I talked about driving around Ohio. I'd give anything to get back to the fancy-free-feeling of getting behind the wheel and driving away. We're snowed in. For the first time since living in Ohio, my county actually called a Level 3 Snow Emergency. In case you don't think that was bad enough, my boss called me off of work on Saturday. I work for a newspaper and there are no off days in news. So, yes, it was that bad.

I tried to stay positive. We built a snowman and an angry one at that, creating fall-down-laughter and a subsequent snowball fight. We went sled riding. We had hot chocolate. We rejoiced at the idea of sleeping in when our church was canceled. Then soccer was canceled and we kind of pouted a bit. Then we realized that due to the condition of our "private drive," we couldn't attend our friend's Super Bowl party.

Cabin Fever has struck. Pardon me while I twitch a bit.

At a whopping 19 degrees with just over a foot of snow on the ground, I don't even plan on taking the kids out by myself today. (My husband is at work today.) My youngest son, just over two, had difficulty even walking in the deep snow yesterday and it took two parents to keep both children happy and upright. Add in colder temperatures and subtract a parent and it would be a cold, utter failure today. I wanted to print out either some snowman or Super Bowl printables to keep the kids occupied for all of five minutes after nap time but, as it would figure, I am out of ink. Did I mention that my older son really is kind of grumpy about missing soccer today? Grumpy and Cabin Fever don't mix well.

I know where we live. I knew the snow was coming. In fact, I know that more snow is coming on Tuesday (up to six more inches, folks). But right now, as I sit and watch HGTV and their house hunting ways on a sunny, warm island, I can't help but pray that Buckeye Chuck was, in fact, right and Punxatawney Phil was wrong. As a native Pennsylvanian, I can't believe I'm saying such a thing but, I'll be honest, an early Spring is something I so desperately need at this point.

I'm a self-professed winter lover. I enjoy the beauty the snow brings. I love playing in the snow and making those memories with my kids. However, I am also a lover of fresh air, driving and children running off their energy without slipping and smashing their face into the snow and crying. Please join me in a hearty, "HURRY SPRING," if you are equally ready for a lack of gloom and doom on the nightly forecast.

Or, if you're still on the winter-loving, snow-playing bandwagon, please send your children over with shovels, snow blowers and plows. I'd really just like to go somewhere. Anywhere.

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Jenna Hatfield, aka @FireMom, writes about the family side of fire life at Stop, Drop & Blog and adoption issues at The Chronicles of Munchkin Land. But, really, she will gladly employ your children to shovel her lane. She pays in hot chocolate, with or without marshmallows.