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Do Germs Always Come with Indoor Play Areas?

Indoorplay Columbus, Ohio is truly dreadful at this moment in time with all the melting snow and icicles waiting to impale my children or my dogs. I could tolerate the snow more if there was sun, and if I knew that every time I took my children to a public play area they wouldn’t get sick. I carry the mommy pouch full of Clean Well spray and wipes, Purell, and the like, but nothing really helps keep the germs away as well as just staying home…but, that is impossible because I am not willing to go insane or gain twenty-five pounds from continuous baking. So, indoor play areas at the malls, COSI, Kingdom of Bounce, and other places will come to my family’s aid for some out-of-the-house fun.

There are plenty of free and cost options for indoor play in Columbus, and they are fun for the kids. The kids get to do the things they don’t get to do indoor at home: run, scream, ride on toys, meet new friends, and get a change of scenery. With that, they also bring home the latest germy gunk that is out there. As I keep a keen eye on my children, I watch other little cuties at play. Many of them are picking their noses, sneezing without covering their mouths, eating their boogers, wiping their boogers on their clothing or the nearest thing, coughing on each other, having a regular ol’ germ-filled good time. I know they can’t help it, and I am not judging them for sharing their mucus with everyone because I know they are simply kids; but, I can’t help thinking that kid’s booger was my ticket to another puke-filled night.

It is impossible to keep children safe from all germs, and I understand that exposure is good for building their immune systems, but I am tired of cleaning up poopies and pukies. I am also tired of the illnesses being passed along to my husband and me. Last year between my kids and I, we were sick for four straight months. This year it has been about a month and counting. Lately, I am fighting some weird stomach virus almost daily. Ugh! Triple Ugh! The best part is, I know that spring is around the corner and we’ll see green soon.

I should also look at the bright side of germs. My brother graduated from high school with perfect attendance, and he was sick all the time as a preschooler/toddler. I guess all that illness built his immune system up and kept him healthy for the years that followed. I hope that is what I experience with my kids. I am certain I will brave the indoor play areas at the malls, the bounce houses, and the rec center many more times. I’ll do my best to ignore the boogers and keep my Clean Well bottle full. Fingers crossed for no more sickness, though…and I hope I didn’t just jinx myself by writing this post. 

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