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Come Into My Office

Chick I’ve wondered since having kids how any mom successfully works at home with more than one under the age of four.  (I’m guessing a little bit there, not having a four year old of my own!)  When I only had Sweetpea, I was working full time, but also taking masters classes in my “spare” time.  It was manageable to work during her naps on the weekends and after she went to bed during the week.  Now that I have two under the age of three, getting anything other than the minimum done seems like it takes a Herculean effort.  Granted, I have one under the age of 6 months, but I don’t see things getting any easier once she’s mobile. 

 I get wistful when I see tweets about moms sneaking out to Starbucks to get some work done on the computer.  With my husband’s work schedule, that just never happens.  With three deadlines staring me in the face, things are starting to look up, because I found Momtopia! (aka my new office) Where is this mythical place where mom can bring the kids along and get some work done?  Our local Chick Fil A!  As an added bonus, my oldest can burn some energy and play with kids her age – love it.

Another mom let me in on the secret, and I am so thankful.  Our Chick Fil A has a play area that my oldest loves and an attentive wait staff that wander around looking for frazzled parents to help! (refill, anyone?!)  Last week I scheduled a meeting there (seriously) and it went off flawlessly.  I’m not sure if they have wireless, but at the very least I can work and then upload at home.  Chick Fil A isn’t the cheapest fast food around, but this one is extremely popular, even in this economy.  Both times we’ve visited they have been packed, obviously the moms around here understand the true value in their value meal. 

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