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City Life

Local street My best friend lives in a newer house, in an upscale suburb.  She has lots of space, lots of storage and her gorgeous home is located on a quiet cul-de-sac where her son can safely play.  It's a beautiful place to live, but it's not for me.

I live in the city.  I can walk to restaurants, parks, schools, the library, the post office, a farmer's market and my bank.  I can catch a city bus, if I so desire, but if I choose to drive, I am just seconds from the highway and minutes from downtown.

My house is old.  It has water problems, peeling paint, tiny closets and it's sinking so much that we had to try and jack up the foundation.  There are huge, old trees in my yard that produce more leaves than any human being should have to rake, our garage floor is cracked and we've had to replace the roof...twice.

The kitchen is too small, the chimney is leaning and there is a rusted lamp post in my front yard.  Would I love to have things shiny and new?  Would I love to have a closet big enough to store my towels?  Would I love to eat a meal in my breakfast nook without worrying that paint will fall in my cereal bowl?  Yes, yes and yes.

But, I wouldn't change my location for anything.  I love where we live.  It's eclectic and it's diverse.  If my neighborhood had a heartbeat, it would be racing.

There are all kinds of colors, shapes, religions, occupations and educations.  There are amazing shops, restaurants and even an art gallery.  The employees at the local grocery store know me and my kids by name and if I have leftover food, I know where to find the two homeless men who roam the area.

I feel like my children have experiences and see things that they wouldn't had we picked a different place to live.  I enjoy having the opportunity to teach them that despite the many differences between us, we can like and respect our neighbors.

I love it here.  I think I'll stay.

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