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While You Were Sleeping


I am a mother to three rowdy and not-so-cuddly boys.  I get why our 10-year old doesn't cuddle. I guess it's not *as cool* anymore.  Sigh...  But, our younger boys are who are 5 and 2 shouldn't be that way yet, should they?

They are...

It makes me sad. I know that as kids get older, they don't want to be so into hugs and kisses.  Sometimes our oldest son will throw me a kiss when no one else is looking.  I have to work for it though (and promise not to tell his friends).

Today, I took our younger boys and ran some errands. I don't know if it was the fact that they had full bellies and needed some rest.  When we arrived home, they were tired and become my snuggly little babes again.  I had one upon my chest, and the other on my rump - both were cushiony spots for their little heads.

We snuggled.  It was so peaceful.  I looked at each of them asleep in their comfortable positions and captured a picture in my head.  Etched it on my heart.  Said a prayer for the blessing of snuggles and love of my boys...while they were sleeping. 

This is an original Ohio Moms Blog post. When not carrying extra *fluff* to act as a cushion for precious ilttle heads, Andrea Deckard can be found blogging about strategies to save at Mommy Snacks.net.

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