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The President came to my town & all I got was this photo

365-22  I have to admit that when I heard President Obama was coming to Elyria I got a bit excited.  Our town of about 55,000 residents was going to host the President of the United States.  

The day before his visit the schools decided that they would close for the day so that they could ensure the safety of our students.  I got the automated call from Elyria City Schools at 6:00 P.M. telling me that school was going to be closed-thankfully my girls were excited that they would be missing school so I heard all about it when I got home.  

Local businesses in the area near the college had to shut down because of the road closure.  In fact, our city was a gridlocked mess for a good chunk of the day because they wouldn't tell us which streets they were going to be closing so people could avoid them.  

In a county where unemployment rates have recently risen to 10.9 percent and our local economy that is in such a slump and businesses are dying off.  Well, let's just say that some of the local people I talked to while waiting to take a photo of The President's limo weren't real happy.  Some were upset because businesses were open, yet unable to bring in any business because of the road outside their establishment being shut down.  So in a sense, they were losing money staying open.  

I know that this was a historic day for our town.  The owner of Smitty's will never forget when President Obama came to his local pub to have a burger.  A friend of mine and her son happened to be in the restaurant at the time so they were able to get a photo opportunity with President Obama that they would have not gotten otherwise.  

I have to ask the question, was it worth it? I can't see his visit here bringing more commerce, that we sorely need, to our town.  All those reporters and people that came because he came, left as he left. In a month's time will those around the country even remember the name of the town he visited for a town hall meeting on January 22, 2010? Probably not.  I am sure that those whose businesses lost business that day will feel the effects next month.  As will those who had to take the day off of work without pay because they had to stay at home with their kids who couldn't go to school. 

I voted for Obama because I thought he could make a difference, but this isn't the difference I thought he would make.

When not stalking the presidential motorcade in her town for a photo Heather blogs Domestic Extraordinaire.  This is an Original Ohio Moms Blog post