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The Evolution of Magazine Reads

OMG_magazine As I sat peddling the bike at the gym, I reflected on the evolution of my magazine reading. My first glossy grocery store reads were teen magazines with hot guys plastered all over the cover, then I moved up to young adult reads with horoscopes and teeny bopper quizzes, fashion magazines with artsy fashion shots, and then to trashy tabloids and pop culture magazines. Good, old-fashioned adult-rated entertainment. Now that I am a mom, I read magazines for recipes, ways to get your children to sleep, the newest sunscreen advice, or how to get your family to all eat their vegetables. Who is this woman, and what have I done with myself?

In my younger days, I remember standing in the grocery store aisle determining which trashy magazine I would spend my allowance on, and anything that had a cake or child on the front made me pucker up as if I just ate a lemon. Noway was I going to spend my babysitting money on a magazine that taught me how to make the perfect summer salad. I wanted trash, plain and simple. As I got older, I enjoyed reading about Hollywood types in bad clothing, horoscopes that promised I’d meet the man of my dreams on the 3rd of the month, and quizzes that made me giggle as I read them in my bedroom for fear my roommates would see I actually did those (twice – to be sure I was TOTALLY honest the first time).
Now, I look at magazines for informational purposes. I need to read the cover and know that inside I’ll find out what sexting is, or how to talk to my tween about provocative clothing, or a quiz about who has the best deal on school supplies. I laughed at myself as I peddled because I never expected to be at this point in my life - choosing a magazine only if it had cakes or children playing on the cover. I am now a leech for holiday craft suggestions, crockpot recipes that actually taste good, and how to own five articles of clothing and get ten outfits out of them.

Those “mom” magazines have a fair amount of adult-rated articles in them, but definitely rated “G” on the trash factor. Perhaps we could get them to incorporate a hunky shirtless man every once and a while or a raunchy quiz? That’d be perfect…a little trash with child rearing tips. Now that’d be my kind of magazine.

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