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Saying Goodbye to Christmas

J0431277 I came home this morning from an overnight campout with my Girl Scout Troop - if you call sleeping in a heated lodge camping - to find that my husband had packed away our Christmas tree for the year. 

The stockings no longer hung by the chimney with care; they lay stacked on the kitchen counter, waiting to be tucked into a Rubbermaid tote and carried down to the basement for another spring, summer, and fall.

It's always a little sad to see our house stripped bare of its Christmas finery.  While we don't overdo it - you'll find no Clark Griswold inspired light displays out front - we do enjoy dressing up the inside of the house for the Christmas season.

I had the final job today of packing up our manger scene; as I put all the porcelain statues safely back into their case, I couldn't help but think about how Christmas Day is long anticipated but the actual day itself whirls by for most of us, so busy are we with our Santa duties and racing from one family celebration to the next.

As I say goodbye to the Christmas, I want to hold close this coming year what Christmas means to me: a love that is bigger and wider than anything my human heart could ever imagine or feel.

The tree may be gone, but the joy that is Christmas is mine to celebrate every day of the year.

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