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Decisions, Decisions


When I first found out I was pregnant with my first child, my first concern was simple; the baby's and my health. I had a relatively easy and healthy pregnancy, didn't worry about too much. Being around babies and kids and having friends with children, I had an idea of what baby products I wanted to use, how I wanted to raise my baby, and so forth. I think my biggest decision at the time was to decide which bottles to use!

I have to admit with some things regarding raising my firstborn, I was laid back and go with the flow. I have to say I did whatever any one else did with their baby. If it worked for them, it would surely work for me. If their baby liked it, mine would as well. 

In other areas of parenting I was over bearing even to myself. Always worrying if he was hitting the milestones on time, eating enough, watching too much Baby Einstein, and so on and so on.

With my second son things were different. Much different. In terms of milestones I was way more relaxed, and I haven't one time compared him to other kids his age, like I did so often with my oldest. I also do what I feel is best for him and I. I don't try and keep up with what others are doing, but instead do what works best for us.

There are so many choices and so many conflicting theories of how to do things, and if you should do them or not. After 4 years and two kids I totally understand why motherhood is so tough. Whether it's your first or fifth child, there is always decisions, questions, and second guessing yourself and others who have been there before you.

Do you listen to your doctor or chiropractor?

Trust your own gut instincts or always go by your what your own mother did?

Read the parenting books or wing it?

Bottle or Breast. If you should choose bottle, which kind? Is it BHP free? Should the nipple be latex or silicone? If you choose breast, what kind of nursing bra? Pump? How long should you breastfeed if you do? 6 months? 1 year? 2 years?

Cloth or Disposable Diapers. Wash out poo? Throw out the poo? Enough said.

Vaccinate or Not Vaccinate.

Sleep train or not.

No TV or TV.

Stay at home or Work.

Store bought baby food or home made. Gotta say I have done both and as much extra work as it is, I liked homemade a lot better.

What kind of discipline? Time outs? Spankings?

On and on it goes. There are so many choices and so many opinions to listen to. Who is right and who is wrong? Who do you listen too? How do you know your doing the very best for your child? Is it any wonder some mothers have break downs, get stressed, or get on medications? Are we Googling too much every time our kid's cough or look at us the wrong way? Do we let other's stories get us off track of what we think we should do? Are we over thinking looking to into things?

Are we making parenting harder than it already is? And who, if anyone, can we blame except ourselves?

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