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The Thousand Dollar Santa Letter

Writing letters to Santa used to be a family activity in our house. I would gather my children, sit them around the kitchen table, surround them with toy catalogs and steaming bowls of hot chocolate and get to work. The writing was almost as fun as the getting.

But this year, before I could even begin planning our letter writing session, my oldest presented me with a fait accompli. She had gathered her siblings and had produced Santa letters, on her own. Now that she is in second grade, she no longer needs her mom to gently "guide" her requests. And as a special treat, she had taken care of her siblings too... to save me some work.

I accepted the three letters, promised to pop them in the mail to Santa first thing in the morning, and I began reading them.

3 year old Juliette's list was vague, but filled with all the pink and purple little dolls and critters I would have expected. 5 year old Jack's list was even simpler, no doubt a testament to my oldest's lack of patience with her annoying baby brother. "Santa can bring me whatever he thinks I'd like." How nice and flexible. With her siblings taken care of, my enterprising daughter had moved on to her own list, and there had really let her creative juices flow.

"Dear Santa,
I would like a computer, a new DS so I don't have to share my old one, all the Ugly dolls, an IPod, and anything else you want to give me. I love you! Bella"

Santa must like a girl with ambition!

I was looking at my first Santa letter with a 4-digit price tag. Overnight it seemed, we had graduated from the world where $15 big boxes of rainbow colored ponies are met with squeals of delight to a world where little $500 boxes are met with a blase smile. The toys were gone, the list was short, and I was in a bind.

Christmas is still 11 days away (gasp!) and I can't yet report on the success of my damage control, but let my experience be a lesson to you all. Next year, I'll be handling the letter writing early... as I'm  buying Back to School supplies, and hopefully I' ll be dodging the $1,000 Santa letter.

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