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Tail Between His Legs


As soon as I saw the tweet from CNN, my heart sank. Not for myself of course, but for my husband. His "man-crush" was making news, and sadly not golf-related. I say man-crush in a joking way, sort of. You see Tiger Woods is like part of our extended family, as far as my husband sees it. He watches every tournament, all while wearing the matching black Nike hat. He's even gone and seen him twice here in Ohio when he played in the Memorial. As long as we've been a couple, he has followed Tiger's career with gusto. To say that my husband is a fan is quite an understatement. So of course he wants my two sons to enjoy golf and someone as good a golfer as Tiger, like he does.

At first, this story was no big deal. No big deal because no one understood what even happened. Then the story unfolded, and we discovered a sad truth. 

It makes me wonder though. Do we put those we look up to on too high of a pedestal? Are we teaching our kids that yes we can have heroes, but those heroes may slip up, fail, or even let us down? Are we teaching them that even though they are gifted in certain areas of their lives that they are still human?

I'm tired of hearing about this. I'm tired of people acting so surprised that someone is not perfect. I am not condoning what he did. I do not agree with his behavior. I do feel for the kids, and his wife. This kind of thing is hard enough without having it all laid out for the world to see. If I'm honest, I feel for him as well. As for my husband? He was/is disappointed in him. He knows what happened is wrong, and realizes that people mess up.

Now whether Tiger is still his "man crush" or not is still in question.

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