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How Ohio Made My Love of the Holidays Grow

I love the holiday season. The lights, the sounds and everything but the smell of cinnamon are simply a part of my being. Why else would I have married my Ohio-born-and-raised Husband just one week before Christmas? While insanity may have played a part, I'd prefer to say it's because of my love of the season.

In fact, living in Ohio has only made my love of all things Christmas grow. When I moved to Ohio in mid-December that first year, I had no idea that my then boyfriend planned on proposing to me as soon as it snowed. He had remembered a conversation, years prior and well before we were thinking of dating one another, that my dream proposal would be in the snow. He waited while I obliviously decorated our Christmas tree and got used to living with a boy. On Christmas Eve, the snow fell. We took a walk in the snow and he eventually lead me to a huge, lit evergreen tree next to the library in our town at the time. He got down on one knee and proposed. We married one week less than a year later in the same town, the church already decorated with trees and poinsettias.

Our lives have changed and we've moved to a different Ohio town since we began our life as husband and wife. This small city, however, works year round for this time of year. If you're not familiar with Cambridge, Ohio, you should know that their Christmas display is amazing. We have a full Dickens Village on our main street right now, complete with characters, carols playing and horse and carriage rides. In the evening starting at 5:00 and running four times per hour until 9:00, our court house undergoes a light and music show. (Do you remember the fad two years ago on the Today Show with lit houses whose lights danced to music? It's like that. But a court house. And better.) In fact, take a gander. (This is last year's video. This year has four separate shows, every 15 minutes.)

My sons think the Guernsey County Court House light show is the best thing since grilled peanut butter sandwiches. We've been twice this year. We have plans to go again as part of our daily Advent activities this month. Our youngest son merely stands there and watches; his lack of movement proof of his awe. Our older son busts a move, dancing as fast as he can with the dancing lights. Watching the light in their eyes and the joy on their faces is now my favorite part of the season. Oh, I love the lights. We also rode the train in a nearby town with Santa this weekend as well as plans to take a carriage ride at night in the nearby future. Their joy, however, makes my Christmas joy all the more complete.

I am thankful for my first small Ohio town that brought me a dream proposal during my favorite time of year. I am thankful for my now hometown small Ohio city that allows me to delight in Christmas. I am thankful that this city allows me to watch my children delight in the very same thing. I'm thankful for Ohio. Who knew?

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