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Baby, It's Cold Outside

Fenceresized The cold winds are still whipping across the fine state of Ohio as I type, cuddled under a blanket with my mug of hot chocolate within reach. Baby, it's cold outside. And, baby, I'm glad I don't have a baby.

That sounds awful. I've been honest, of course, that I struggle with the fact that we're done having children thanks to my health problems. Some days I feel okay with it. Some days I hold a baby and want to run off into the the darkness with her strapped to my chest. Some days, like today, I want to dance around and sing, "No baby, no baby, la la la la la la la!" What's this have to do with cold weather?

I love winter. I do. Snow is awesome. Lugging children who are wearing big puffy coats and mittens and hats while wearing my own puffy coat and gloves and hat and simultaneously trying to lug their bag of stuff, my purse and occasionally my camera bag and, well, sometimes I get frustrated. Not so awesome. Add in a bag of presents or a tray of cookies or, you know, milk and the tears start freezing on cheeks. Theirs, maybe, but definitely mine.

I hated lugging the baby carseat carrier in and out of the vehicle in the middle of winter. The boys were both born in November and, as such, that one winter I was wrestling the car carrier and a very defiant two year old through the snow, ice and general frigidness of winter. Last winter, without the car carrier, was somewhat more tolerable except that I always had to carry my youngest son as he wasn't yet steady on his feet. Big puffy coats take up hip room! This year, with the lot of us already sporting our thick coats, I'm finding it far easier to take them out of the vehicle, throw the bags over my shoulder and hold each child's hand in one of my own. Look at me! We're puffy! We're cold! But we're moving forward! Slowly, but forward!

Right, so back to being glad that there's not a baby carseat slowing us down. I say this all tongue in cheek, of course, because I would willingly lug another child through any season. I am, however, enjoying this winter more than the last and certainly more than the first winter in which I was actively parenting two children. Maybe by next year, when the Ohio winter winds finally begin howling for real, I'll be happily skipping along with my two boys.

(When do children learn how to skip?)

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