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February 24, 2009

Secrets To Selling Your Home

-4 We recently put our Manhattan apartment on the market.

Sure, we thought about selling this summer when real estate in New York City was escalating outrageously fast but then we figured, who wants to make that much money so easily?

So now we’re selling it during a major recession.

Everyone knows when you are selling your home, you don’t need a broker. You just need the right signature scent. Some advocate baking cookies or an apple pie before an open house but those must be people who don’t store half their cookware in their oven.

So I went in search of the perfect candle. I was looking for a scent like, “This is the nicest apartment I’ve ever seen, I’ll pay absolutely anything!” but all I found was a lot of “Island Grapefruit” and “Deep Clover.”

I finally let my daughter pick out the scent, “Vanilla Citrus Zest” because 4 year-olds have an incredible aptitude for what moves real estate.

We moved tons of our stuff into storage to make our 1,200 square feet apartment look spacious and roomy and mansion-like. But I'm still wondering what to do with my kids who keep roaming around the apartment, pulling out toys and constantly making a mess. It's totally frowned upon to put them in storage - right?!

And now my husband and I get to have phone conversations like this...

"Can you show the apartment in an hour? A broker wants to bring someone by," he asks.

“IN AN HOUR?!!! How am I supposed to do that? I’m on my way right now to go to the grocery store. We have nothing to eat. There is no preschool this week so I have both girls with me. And Summer has this new thing where she REFUSES to sit in the shopping cart so it won’t be a quick trip. The apartment is a mess. And how am I supposed to get it ready while Dylan and Summer run around like princess-fueled maniacs? And seriously, IN AN HOUR? I’m not a damn superhero!”

“Maybe they could come by a little later in the day?” my husband offers.

“Yeah, sure, that sounds fine.”

So after a couple open houses with no offers, we've decided to ditch the "Vanilla Citrus Blast" candle in favor of "Apple Cinnamon."

Who can resist the sweet smell of apple cinnamon? This place is going to sell in no time. 

Original NYC Moms Blog Post.

Kelcey Kintner is the creator and editor of the mama bird diaries, a smart, funny and always unpredictable take on motherhood.  She lives with her husband and two daughters in the West Village (aka home of the "Sex and the City" bus tour). Their dog has already moved to the suburbs.


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