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May 07, 2008

Our Own Private Barenaked Ladies Concert

Amy1I love living in NYC.  I love my neighborhood, I love my friends, and I love that unexpected and exciting things happen all the time, with no warning.

Last night, I got an email asking if my daughter and I could go to the Fox 5 Good Day New York studios to be in the audience while the Barenaked Ladies sang songs from their new kids album, Snacktime.  Being a huge BNL fan, my initial reaction was "Do I have to bring a kid?"  But of course I did have to bring a kid.  Actually, the email didn't specify my daughter, but I didn't want to bring my son. He's a lot less predictable, a lot more likely to run up onstage during a live TV broadcast.  So I told him it was only for four-year-olds.

So, Fiona and I hopped on the subway super early (no time for breakfast!) and arrived at their upper east side studios, and the person sent to meet us in the lobby had no idea what to do with us.  She showed us to the green room while she went to "find where they put the other kids."  We walked into the green room, and there's the band!  Eating bagels and hanging out!

What I wanted to say to them was "OH MY GOD I love you guys!  Can you pose for a thousand pictures with me and sign everything I have on?  Would it be too much to ask for a lock of hair from each of you?  You can have my next born child if you sing 'Brian Wilson' RIGHT NOW!"  But I kept myself under control. One thing I've noticed in the ten years I've lived in the area is that New Yorkers don't seem to get too excited by these kinds of encounters.  You don't stop and gawk at the movie being filmed on the street in front of your house or at the star having a coffee on the corner.  If you do you look like a tourist.

So I just smiled and said, to no one in particular, "We're really excited!" and then studied the bagel tray with a lot more intensity than I needed to.  Fiona started asking for things, and saying that she was shy and didn't want to be on TV.  I told her that if she behaved and was quiet when she was supposed to be, she could have anything she wanted to eat or drink afterwards.  What did my four-year-old peanut want?  A Diet Coke.  ("Hello, Mother of the Year nominating committee?")  Of course I said OK.  Who wants their kid to melt down on live TV?

A few minutes later the band was called to the studio, and so were we, where I discovered that there was only one other child/parent combo!  That's it, just the four of us!  Nobody else had been able to come on such short notice, I guess.  We sat on a rug THIS CLOSE to the band, and got to see them play two songs from their new album.  It was just the two kids, the two parents, the two Good Day New York Anchors, and a couple of other on-air people.  Both songs were awesome - that CD will definitely be getting a lot of play in the car.

Everyone - the band, all of the people at Fox 5 - were just great, really really nice.  One of the guys even got Fiona a Diet Coke and a lollypop.  This was just the best morning ever.  You can see our "private concert" here.

When I finally got Fiona to school an hour-and-a-half late, she told everyone that she had gotten to see the Naked Lady Bears.  I love it!

Stuff like that just didn't happen to me when I lived in Buffalo.

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