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April 06, 2008

Kudos to Katie

Katio When I excitedly told a neighbor about our upcoming meeting with Katie Couric, I was shocked by her reply: “What’s a blog?” she asked.

What’s a blog? Who doesn’t know what a blog is these days?

Well, a lot of people apparently. Although blogs are gaining in both popularity and influence, there are still a lot of people who don’t quite “get” it. And when we first sat down with Katie Couric for an intimate chat in her office, she admitted that she was one of them.

Her first couple of questions made sense: How do we, as busy moms, have time for blogging? And secondly, why do we want to read what a bunch of strangers write?

As we all jumped in with our own thoughts, a few clear answers emerged.

First, blogging is something that we all do despite our hectic lives – some blog at work, others while their kids are at school, and some will even sacrifice sleep – because it is something that we all love. It’s a way to merge our professional and family lives, to connect with other moms out there, and to find humor in those moments that would otherwise require tears.

My own two cents on the matter amounted to this: Once you familiarize yourself with the blogosphere, and especially the growing community of mommy bloggers, you’re no longer reading the words of strangers. People you may only know by online moniker quickly become friends as you share embarrassing stories and coping strategies. Unlike the traditional magazines that I write for, the NYC Moms Blog allows me to interact with my readers and get feedback about what I’ve written. True, you may not have the credibility of the New York Times behind your byline, but given the recent scandals of Jayson Blair and Judith Miller, how much is that really worth anymore? Is it really surprising that fewer than twenty percent of Americans believe most of what the news media reports? I don’t meant to discredit the Times reporting, but I do believe that readers need to be as skeptical of what they read in the Times as they are about what they find online.

Katie may be a stranger to the blogosphere, but she doesn’t plan on staying one for long. Despite being one of the busiest professional women out there and a single parent as well, she’s considering carving some time out of her schedule to share some of her parenting ups and downs with us. I really hope that she does. Maybe she can give us her thoughts on the state of public education, how to raise our daughters to be smart, successful, and empathetic women, or even whether weekday birthday parties really are a dig at working moms. Maybe she’ll have tips to help me figure out how to get my kids to sleep through the night. Or maybe she’ll just share a story that’ll make us all laugh.

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