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April 05, 2008

If You Knew Katie, Like I Know Katie

Katie_2So here is my typical Friday. Get Dylan and Summer dressed. Feed the girls breakfast. Take Dylan to preschool. Go meet Katie Couric. Oh, alright. Maybe that Couric part doesn't happen EVERY Friday. But I really wish it would.

I, along with an amazing crew of other bloggers, was invited by the the awesome and tireless Beth Blecherman and Jill Asher to visit CBS News and meet Katie Couric, the first solo female anchor of a network evening newscast.

Of course, I was ridiculously early so I tried to walk super slowly down 57th Street. I noticed Jake's Saloon across the street from CBS News but something told me it's not appropriate to grab a glass of wine before meeting a major media powerhouse. You have to go with your gut on these things.

After a tour of the studio and newsroom, we got to meet HER. I'm sure Ms. Katie Couric has been called "cute and perky" so many times that it just makes her cringe, so I really hate to say it. But she IS cute and perky. Sorry, Katie. And a whole lot of other things too... like authentic, honest, smart, funny, gracious and engaging. She looks incredible for 51. And please, don't admonish me for saying this... because if I met Brian Williams I would assess his looks as well. Ok? So there.

But the most fabulous part of this whole shindig was how much time we got to spend with her. She invited us up to her office, which is so heavenly and serene with white walls, comfy white leather furniture and cool photography, that I wanted to stay for... well, how about forever? We got ourselves settled and then she walks in and sits on the FLOOR. Yup, just all casual like that. I guess that's how she rolls.

Now the whole conversation was off the record but I did get her approval to let you know that she is fan of "Dancing with the Stars." I know. I know. I wish I could tell you everything she said because she was incredibly candid and insightful as she talked about the presidential race, her life as a working, single mom and her career. But at least that's a little tidbit for you. Plus, if Katie watches some reality TV, we can all feel better about our own reality addiction. I can feel my shameful "Hills" guilt just ebbing away.

I know Katie Couric's evening news program is struggling. But she isn't the problem. CBS needs to figure out how to alter the show so her intelligence, humor and charm reaches the viewers every night. They need to maximize her talents, rather than try to plug her into an old evening news formula.

I know they've tried already but they need to try again. Because if viewers could see the Katie Couric I met this week, they wouldn't think of watching any other news program. And she only paid me a little bit to say all that. Oh, fine. She paid me nothing. I told you she was honest.

Meanwhile, we are all hoping and praying and begging and keeping our fingers crossed that Ms. Couric will join New York City Moms Blogs. I'll sit on the floor with that cool Couric any day.

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