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February 18, 2008

Working from home is not all it's cracked up to be... or is it?

Ursula_3Have you ever had a conference call in a bathroom? Or hid yourself in the closet while talking to a VIP client? Have you made funky throat noises to mask a toddler’s whining?  You must be a mom who works from home. I actually find working from the office easier. Oooohhhhh the sacrilege, dare to admit the office is more pleasant.  With technology nowadays not only can I email or call anyone anytime. But I can access my office PC remotely via software called CITRIX. I also have a Blackberry. That hideous device that thrusts the office across all boundaries. I dropped it the other day, my fumbling thumbs lost their grip on the train. Now my "Pearl" has a crack, so I officially have a"Crack-berry." I understand the need to work remotely but why do moms want to work from home so badly? Working mom’s have enough to juggle, why combine cranky kids and cranky clients! Is it some sort of hideous feeling of guilt? If I have the ability I should stay at home right?  This is the ultimate mommy dream right? The ultimate balance? I’m not so sure! Where do the lines exist? Should the yoghurt drip on the office threshold?  Why don't I ever hear of dad's working from home?

For me the answers lie in the priceless home office perks.

Just minutes ago, I walked my girls down the driveway adjusted their backpacks and scarfs and kissed them before they got on the school bus. I waved fanaticly and did my little cooky dance and spilled my coffee. The glorious beauty of the scene is that my girls still think I’m cool… their crazy dancing mom isn’t embarrassing... yet. Now I sit behind my computer… my little boy humming and pushing his fire-truck around my legs. The best part is yet to come … I anticipate giving my girls big sloppy kisses when they get off the bus at 3:30. I will eat lunch with my little boy then I'll put him down for a nap. And most importantly this is all possible because I am VERY blessed to have a brilliant Au Pair to help watch my kids as I work. None of these moments would exist without her. She knows just when to shuffle my 2 year old off to the library... when I start running towards the closet phone to ear.


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